Tuesday, April 26, 2011

food porn.

Sopa Azteca and an iced coffee with horchata from El Huarache Loco at the Alemany Farmer's Market. Best breakfast ever.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

the hunt for hunky jesus.

What is Easter anyway, if not an excuse to day drink and hold a big gay spectacle in Dolores Park? Behold the HUNKY JESUS CONTEST. I know some of you believe Easter to be the day Jesus rose from the dead. If this is true, Jesus was looking pretty sexy for a dead guy today. Blasphemous? Maybe. But did you see those holy abs? We weren't able to stay until the end to see the winner "crowned," but here are some pics of the scene and the contenders:

Among the crowd, the wine was flowing like water while drag queen Easter bunnies passed out Easter eggs.

You got your naked Jesus.

Your... 80's cop show Jesus?

Professor Jesus.

Southern racist drag Jesus?

Your false prophet Jesus. C'mon!

Your flower-picking hippie Jesus.

Kid Rock Jesus.

Stoner Jesus.

Black Jesus was pretty bad-ass.

Sumo Jesus!

Gay Jesus.

And... JESUS! It'd be sin if this guy didn't win. Look at that face. It's so... Jesus-like.

My best to all the Jesuses for a thoroughly entertaining day. Come back again next year!

Monday, January 17, 2011

such great heights.

Sunday Adventure: Climb to the top of Bernal Hill.
Here's a panoramic I pieced together of the breathtaking view:

Bernal Heights Park is yet another gorgeous park in this fine city. You can get up close and personal with the microwave tower and dogs outnumber the humans.

For as much of a pussy as Lupe pretends to be in other situations, you get him out in nature and he is in heaven. He was like a mountain goat climbing this hill!

Then we had brunch at Beretta. Lupe got his own place at the table. The chicken liver crostini turned out to be not so good, so Lupe pretty much ate it all. As soon as we got in the car he then threw it up all over me.

But it's alright. I'll get puked on any day as long as it's by something this cute.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"mmmm... sukulent."

Succulents at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look up.

The Blue Angels were in town recently to tear up the skies of San Francisco for fleet week. We caught their Saturday airshow from our rooftop deck. I figured it was as good time as any to bust out the telephoto. What you don't get from these pics is the deafening noise. These boys are loud. You would it was Armageddon on the Bay.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get ur freak on.

The Folsom Street Fair was this past Sunday in San Francisco. For those unfamiliar, the Folsom Street Fair is a sex positive celebration of EVERYTHING kinky, with a particular focus on bondage and leather. Oh yeah, and there is lots and lots of nudity. If there was ever a place to show off your new cock ring or ball-torture device, this is most definitely it. Thankfully for all those with exposed genitalia, the sun was out in full force for an unprecedented 90 degree beautiful San Francisco day. Not so much fun, I'm guessing, for those wearing latex bodysuits. And while there was little shade to be found, there was plenty of beer.

I of course was taking as many pictures as I could. With each beer, I got a little bolder with my lens. Tranny cover band "Pepperspray" proved to be an interesting subject as they butchered, err... cranked out inspired takes on classic tunes. It was kind of amazing to see thousands of people so completely unashamed of just how freaky they could be. Pretty much if you can imagine it, there is someone out there who is into it. OK, you've been warned. Pictures are below.